The teens are getting stoned again

It’s so plain can’t you see

In a world full of indifference

They’re simply trying, just to be


The teens are getting high again

Not on your poisonous pills

They’ll light that flame, without shame

Say goodbye to all their “ills”


The teens are getting baked again

Fuck big pharma and their meds

Medicinal use it constitutes

Psych wards they no longer dread


The teens are flying high tonight

Not over-medicated numb zombies

Not a lick of strife nor fear of life

No calling out for their mommies


The teens are smoking the ganja tonight

Nature walks abound

I’ll not gawk while they take their walks

They’re not hurting a soul around


The teens are being themselves tonight

Bipolar obliteration

Radiant laughter and munchie chewing

Could be heard across the nation

#Legalize #420

Delectable Agony


Four closing in

Palpitations quicken

Perceptions askew

Labored breath

Gaze unfocused

It’s all in your head

Or is it?


 Misinterpretation echoes


Heightened Paranoia

Sounds amplified

Your head whips over left shoulder, then right

You are alone


Full blown panic ensues


Mind Fuckery

Blatant Lies



Conscience smeared





Clutching at nil




Do it…



Reach out





Bask in the warmth of the crimson


Increased fervor

Make it your last

The pain keeps the hunger away


With a swiftness, lengthwise



Fade out



Scarlet Genesis

#ScarletGenesis #AngelofObsolescence

Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2014



Humanity, The Uproven Writer and other Fairie Tales


***Since this article’s original creation, approximately four months ago, it is with the most purest of joy in my heart and soul that I report to ya’ll that it appears the shitstorm has ended, or at least taken a hiatus…and love and light, have truly prevailed. I originally had no intention of publishing this as I never wish to fan a flame. I honestly have zero desire to recreate waves, especially now since there is peace in the valley, so to speak. Recent events of a personal and mind-blowing, positive nature have led me to the decision of pressing that publish button. Not that I wish for one moment to reopen old wounds or rehash the past, but simply because this piece is a part of my life, and for better or for worse, I will not edit my life, for it is truth, and truth is me. To those who’ve weathered the storm, I love you and am truly glad that each of you who choose to be, remain a vital piece of my very existence. Much love…truly*** ~Heather xoxoxo

This was originally written about 2+ weeks ago after I was literally thrown under a bus by some vile individuals.  I’ll not use the term “humans” to describe them as it certainly wasn’t warranted by their behavior. It was shelved then resurrected last night, as the cluster fuck continued on.

You see, after a 20 year hiatus,  I’ve started to scribe again, much against my instinct, (shit was I ever wrong on that one). FATE led me here and after nearly deleting my account numerous times, I now have a concise understanding of why I am on Twitter, let alone here at all.

This being one of only my first few pieces of writing after a nearly 20 year hiatus, I accept your skepticism, in fact I welcome it.


Rumors flitting this way and that way. None of which I care to address in any such detail at the current time.  I honestly couldn’t give a rat’s ass regarding your ravenous appetite for disclosure.  Not a single one of you is privy to this information nor should you be. In fact what I have observed lately reminds me of a game I played in grade school. We called it telephone. Ring a bell? Well it should, especially for some of you. While these things may appear harmless in the beginning make no mistake, the rumormongers are analogous to the descent of a thousand vile, putrid blood sucking vampire bats, thirsting for their next juicy meal of crimson.  I may be new around RoG but I am not gullible and I’m certainly not fucking blind, deaf, nor illiterate. I see all, and what I have seen in recent weeks from some of you, brings a shot of bile straight to the back of my throat.


You see, it’s become woefully apparent to me that in recent weeks, I seem to have developed a bulls-eye of cruor right smack dab in the middle of my forehead from numerous sources.  Still I carry on and I will continue to thrive.  I pay zero attention to the annoying white noise in the background of MY life.  Occasionally a specific comment may snag my attention for an ever fleeting moment, but make no mistake, I shrug your bullshit off before I’ve even finished reading it.  The up flip of the script, goes like this…. Whenever someone genuinely and wholeheartedly emanates positivity, it invigorates me and the light which I carry within shines so brightly it is inextinguishable.  It’s the most basic of principles to grasp really. Pay it forward with love and illumination, and your fuse will be sparked as well.


Prose littered with narcissism abounds and the majority, with few exception are incapable of envisioning the future of the Rivers of Grue.  You’ve lost all sight of why this was started in the first place.  RoG was not created to encourage competition of any kind. Your tunnel vision is filled with feeble-minded narcissism, which contain delusions of grandeur and are utterly flooded with paranoia.


In the beginning, I was “welcomed,” overwhelmed by what my child like eyes, deceived me to be, open arms filled with love, into the TOK and ROG families.  This brood appeared to be such a wonderous seemingly close-knit “family.” With regard to some individuals, their sincerity remains steadfast and true.   I was seemingly encouraged and supported by those I held in high regard, and considered close to my heart. While this remains solidly true for some writers of RoG, what a crock of shit it is with respect to specific others. Unbeknownst to me there was already a bit of unrest in the rivers prior to my surfacing.  In addition, I inadvertently and unknowingly upset an imaginary balance and was completely ostracized, my internal organs strung about for the world to gape at.  Amazing what transpires when a newbie becomes a perceived threat and that is precisely what occurred on multiple levels.


My cognizance of RoG IS that it was and still IS, a COMMUNITY.  Once again folks, perhaps it’s time to bust out those dictionaries and refresh those cerebellums with what the true definition of community is.  Community implies JOINT OWNERSHIP, and any thriving community embraces such a practice.  Community, ” UNIFIED population composed of various types of individuals, sharing a COMMON interest.”  What I have witnessed does not begin to come to close to unification, nor joint ownership, with very little exception.


I may be,  the “newbie” here in town and believe me,  I do possess the ability to understand what that means to some of you, but make no mistake, I am nobody’s fucking doormat, nor shall I ever be.  As I mentioned in my first published piece I said I was here to stay, and I meant it.  I was not “placed” here to love and cherish when it suits your fancies, to help you get your rocks off, or to gain the attention you so incessantly seek from certain individuals. Do not ever think for the slightest of moments that I will endorse, nor tolerate your attempts at causing me any pain by digging those spiked heels some of you seem to adore so much, yet likely couldn’t stuff your plumpened feet into.  I have never taken kindly to bullies and I certainly don’t intend to start now.  Take me or leave me, love me or despise me, your opinions matter not.  I scribe with the conviction of a thousand assassins and not a single one of you will ever be capable of halting that.


You display such hypocrisy that it sickens the stomach.  Using your thinly veiled, sometimes even translucent attempts to inflict pain upon one another, then refer to it as “writing.”  I keep shit real, always telling it I see it.  Honestly, attempting to run off anyone you perceive to be a potential threat, is the approach of true cowards.  It also goes against the very reason that ROG was formed.  Is it truly so difficult to LOVE one another?


The most benign of souls has created a haven for us, for ALL of us.  A place of censorship-free tranquility, to express our deepest and most creative selves.  A safe place to rest our weary souls and to lean on each other, to support and to share common interests with one other.  I’m certain it was not built to endorse any sort of competition in any way, shape or form.  So knock off the petty bullshit and show this site the love and devotion that it truly deserves.  Build your fellow scribes up with TRUE and GENUINE encouragement, without any expectations implied.  In case you’ve failed to notice, his most recent pieces have undergone a significant metamorphosis, are scribed with the utmost integrity (as always) and are absolutely fucking phenomenal.  Not that they haven’t been before, but damn, the bombs being dropped lately are fucking mind-blowing! I’m sure you are all aware well aware that he could easily stand on his own two feet with ease, yet he makes a conscious and vigilant effort to spread the love and extend his outstretched open arms to each of you. Will you accept?  I beg of you now, erase the hate and cease trying to pathetically build your own esteem by tearing down that of others.  It always backfires in the end anyway.  I know I can happily accept what I see when I look in the mirror, the question is, can you…..


Love is most crucial to the survival of all humankind that dwell on this planet.  Will you spread real love or will you choose to depress the self-destruction button……I for one, will always choose love.



Breaking of a Stone

Molecular Thoughts

Anesthesia line has been sliced
Gasping for oxygen


Obstacles, merely illusions
Oceans eagerly await arrival


Eternity visible on the horizon
Vivid illumination


Not angst, vacillation nor gallinipers
capable of disintegration


Vultures circle the waterhole


Lacking the urge to attempt to resist




 Prior discourse laid to rest


A new era of dawn draws nearer






Pure ecstasy

Cherished eternally


No overanalyzing

Instincts thriving



Sincerely undeniable


Beguiled by progressive development
Veil tossed to the wind


Vibrations multiply in breadth and depth
Undeniable since inception


Unanticipated by twin souls
Purely raw and authentic




Overwhelming elation

 Entwined for eternity


Never again exiled in loneliness


Cloaked in my protective sheath
Remaining strong and secure


Hearts and souls bound forevermore

No doubts, nor fears

twin flame image

More than a mere affection


Sorrow  for the miles that separate


Immeasurable yearnings
Forward march


A radiant sight

 As trust is earned

Traces emerging


Obstacles no match for souls united


 Undeniably drawn

Unconditional love

True bliss





Perpetually sparking


We are one

It is

as if

it’s all

we have ever been

share a brain

Complex components, simplified


 Silent mutual understanding
Our souls speak openly sans words


It is thought
More importantly it is felt


I am alive
His presence awakens that which I had long thought to be dead inside of me


 Investments returned a gazillionfold
Recharging my soul


Steadfast refusal regarding the rat race


Blossoming creativity


Surprised by my catalyst
Whose prose irradiates my soul


Angel in disguise
Modestly undervaluing the impact his essence delivers unto me


Fuck a mundane existence

So much more to be had

It will be


My eyes, arms and lips open wide

eye awake

I shall never sleep……again


Until I am in his arms


Your Living Dead Girl XO

❤ ❤ ❤



I could easily flood the parchment with meaningless prose.  I however choose to take a different path.  Simply a matter of preference.  As I make my first attempt to lift the quill in over 20 years, sheer terror fills my blood.  I want to scream out in frustration.  Where do I begin this journey.  Synapses begin firing into overdrive, as I frantically race to filter the hastening thoughts that scatter across my mind like notes dancing across a page of a complex violin solo. My brain, flooded like the New York Stock Exchange ticker is desperate to reach out and pluck a topic, any topic from the endless, ever flowing stream.  My undiagnosed A.D.D. has shifted abruptly into overdrive as more than two decades of thoughts bleed from my brain.  It’s as if someone has shaken up a bottle of Dom Perignon and popped the cork.


Currently cut off from the modern world due to my rural location at the moment, I am forced to commence.  Procrastination, one of my best friends and worst enemies, has come to a screeching halt. I experience a multitude of emotions, some light, some inspiring and un suprisingly I discover that which lies beneath the surface which I’ve barely begun to scratch, are sentiments which are by far more complex.  Being cut off from the internet and all cell service at this exact moment, is both a blessing and a curse.  Interestingly enough it was the internet that delivered me here in the first place.  The lifelines known as social media have offered an escapism from reality.  Although a temporary one, it is similar to all mechanisms of evasion. It is a desertion I am grateful for in this case however.  The infamous anomaly known as Twitter has afforded me the luxury of connecting with some of the most brilliant and empathetic souls I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling across.  I have been thrown a lifeline which I am delighted to discover, is more precious to me than good ol’ oxygen itself. Freed from the shackles that bind, I compose.  Merely existing simply won’t do anymore.  It is through the prose of one kind, encouraging and flattering soul via a most unlikely platform, that I am even here at all.  (more to follow soon, as it is more than deserving of a separate piece, you know who you are <3)


At 39 years of age I feel as though I’ve lived the life of a 70 year old.  This is a both an explicit and oblique outcome of the decisions I alone have made.  With each choice we are given, those we select shape the concurrent paths that are presented to us.  I find it akin to a Choose Your Own Adventure book series and I’ve one hell of a tale to tell. I firmly believe “to each his or her own,” but as a self imposed perfectionist I choose quality over quantity every time.  More than 20 years of screwed up, askew thoughts have been cluttering my mind, tearing up my psyche and crippling my utter soul.  Pandora’s box has just been opened.  I feel like an awkward church attending adolescent who’s just had her cherry popped for the first time.  Every thought I experience is brand new.  I am rushed with endorphins, unsure of where this will lead but finding this adrenaline surge quite delectable and much too powerful to deny.  Flooded with a mixture of paralyzing fear and pure ecstasy too tantalizing to disallow, I painstakingly edit and struggle to condense more than nine pages and counting, of my ramblings.  I vow to emerge triumphant though scarred, battered and bruised.  I still own the burning will to survive and to thrive.


Speaking of survival, I have dedicated my years on this planet to assisting those who need it most.  Forgoing any and all in my personal best interest to save these wounded fledglings.  This is who I am at the very core of my being.  Along my travels, I’ve encountered some who have chosen to attempt to build themselves up by tearing others down.  I choose to nurture those in need, encouraging them to spread their wings and fly.  I kiss their bleeding wounds while embracing them and basking them with light and love.   I  heal them with words of encouragement and provide safe harbor until their wounds have healed and their own personal storms have passed.  I embrace them until they feel safe enough to muster their strength and utter the words, “I will try again.”


Years of living the mundane simply won’t do anymore.  I now begin the process of attempting to sort out my jumbled thoughts.  Through the ever so kind and encouraging words of another, for which I will be indebted for all eternity, I begin a chapter anew.  Always taking the path least traveled, I struggle and I rise yet again.  The day of a new dawn has arrived.  I intend to embrace it fully.  I advise you all to take a seat and gather your most beloved thirst quenching beverage.  It’s a long winding road and my ass isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.