The teens are getting stoned again

It’s so plain can’t you see

In a world full of indifference

They’re simply trying, just to be


The teens are getting high again

Not on your poisonous pills

They’ll light that flame, without shame

Say goodbye to all their “ills”


The teens are getting baked again

Fuck big pharma and their meds

Medicinal use it constitutes

Psych wards they no longer dread


The teens are flying high tonight

Not over-medicated numb zombies

Not a lick of strife nor fear of life

No calling out for their mommies


The teens are smoking the ganja tonight

Nature walks abound

I’ll not gawk while they take their walks

They’re not hurting a soul around


The teens are being themselves tonight

Bipolar obliteration

Radiant laughter and munchie chewing

Could be heard across the nation

#Legalize #420