A short poem by me….Dedicated to our beloved #Grueheads and Keeper…to whom I owe my life ❤
We are…ALL….connected.


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The PoliceSynchronicity


It is the luminosity of the sun, alleviating

scintillating spark



It is the assuagement of weightless supports, infinite

floating particles



It is the sensation of identity, wrapped securely

  a circuitry intertwined



It is the taste of brine, caustic pungency

on lips rationing anguish



It is the incalculable sensation of ascension

wings assuring preservation



It is the fragments of resplendence

collectively assembled



It is the cohesive nexus

 tree of souls no longer misplaced



No longer inside,

Scarlet Genesis

#AngelofObsolescence #aicforever
Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2014


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Living Dead Girl

Breathtaking beauty in an unforseen place…


Living Dead Girl

living_dead_girl_return (8)

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Philip GlassIt Was Always You, Helen

living_dead_girl_return (5)

You dazzle my soul, with your smile you devour,
Our mortality may well be fleeting,
But true love finds a way if sufficient in power,
Regardless of hearts ceasing beating.

Embalmed and restrained on that mortuary slab,
All life drained away from your shell,
All suffering ceased you finally have,
Release from your personal hell.

Need blood? Here then take it, I’ll never forsake it,
Drink freely until you are stronger,
Quench as long as you need, it’s crucial you feed,
I’ll bleed ’til I can so no longer.

living_dead_girl_return (9)

Should you need to bite, I’ll not put up a fight,
Sink your teeth without fear of reprisal,
Should my last breath be sucked from my lungs on this night,
Then you’ll welcome me on my arrival.

As our bodies weather, eroding together,
We’ll feel death in…

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Sparking The Fuse

Inspiration……An overwhelming desire to create, generating from the mutual energy exchange between kindred souls which we encounter on our journey. Make no mistake, it is no coincidence.
Forever indebted ❤
More coming soon XO

Sparking The Fuse


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MPHO Box N Locks for no other reason than that it gives me a broad smile every single time I listen to it


Inspiration is all around me. Today I have felt lethargic in the extreme and haven’t eaten a significant meal all weekend. I had felt ten years older than my numerics and that all changed with a solitary comment on Twitter.


“You tackle subject matter I’d long convinced myself ceased to exist, brought it to the surface, & allowed me to stand arms outstretched towards the sky, palms facing upward & have allowed me to release decades of hidden emotions…I am in awe”. @aicforever21/04/14


My mind has been like C4, burly hunks of potentially potent explosives ready for ignition and this show of faith lit the fuse. I didn’t see it coming and gratefully got caught in the blast radius…

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