Climbing the walls ’til my nailbeds bleed

Words on your tongue, only built to deceive.

No energy left to go blow for blow

Secrets exposed, with nowhere to go

No reason to fear, I won’t call your bluff

I truly do think that I’ve had enough

Sorrow coursing steadily through all of my veins

Refusing to let emotion take over the reins

Whatever the outcome I’ll shall rest assured

Being played by you has been fucking absurd

You wormed your way in with pizzaz and a smile

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, well disguised all the while

Always setting your mark and you making your moves

Not giving one fuck about who you lose

Gave you all that I had, but it wasn’t enough

What will you do now that I know all of your stuff

Lies upon lies, hurt swells, then subsides

Lips pursed tight, no one more the wise

Rest that worried mind, your secrets I will keep

Question is though, how did I get in so deep

Searing agony inside, but my feelings I stuff

Realizing that I will never be enough

I kept it so real through thick and through thin

Despite all my pain throbbing deep from within

I wish you no harm, want to see you succeed

I believe in your mission, your hopes and your dreams

No one with a conscience could do what you do

But remember in time, karma always comes due

Everything now, so thoroughly clear

Try all you want, but you can’t be sincere

A suffering soul, projecting self hate

Immeasurable pain, no one else can translate

Let business be business and peasure be pleasure

Giving you support through joint endeavors

No longer will I be your pawn

Should I or shouldn’t I make you gone


I am

I am the wild
Fragmented shards of broken glass

magnetically recomposed

I am the free

Unexpected outpouring of



showing my most inner self

I am human

Tears of the purest joy

droplets of pain


in a collective muddled river that twists and winds

meandering through life

basking in and absorbing

the rays of the morning sun
feeding, swirling

becoming a homogeneous mixture

I am the healer
Wade in my healing waters

find comfort and solace

as you snuggle

enraptured in my wings

radiating love and strength

So that you may take flight

once again

As I have

Fast Forward

Latest introspective from me, Scarlet.
Silence your inner demons once and for all!


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Simple MindsSanctify Yourself


 Why is it that so many of the souls I am so very blessed to come into contact with on a daily basis seem to lack belief in themselves? Yes my beloved Grueheads I am speaking to you. I may come across as Scarlet Genesis, companion of Keeper of the Crimson Quill, oozing confidence from every pore all day, all night, and a natural-born leader, but let me assure you this is not always the case. I love y’all too damned much to ever tell any lies. I scribe brutally honestly and unapologetically, I feel it only fair to warn you that true to mirroring life, things aren’t always as they appear. Surprised? I thought not.


I know for certain some of you have sussed out the above, as you have reached out to me, offering the strength and warmth of your…

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Extended Lines

Absolutely brilliant and stunning, more than you may EVER know!

My baby is a GENIUS……really…Just BLOWN AWAY
Poetry by Keeper, the master scribe ❤


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Cyndi LauperTrue Colors (Instrumental)


How does one pick up the pieces?
Everytime they fall
After all we’re not supposed
To ever drop the ball
How does one rebuild an empire?
Every time it crumbles
Rationale suggests we’re merely humans prone to fumbles

man crosses niagara falls on tightrope

Society seems to know best
Can dissuade staunch believers
And doesn’t have the slightest care
Regarding where that leaves us
Lines can blur, our dreams then fade
Expecting no revival
To many it may seem as though they’re beaten by their rival


So life’s not fair get over it
Or simply give up trying
Unscrupulous these mouths are bitter
Lame and flat out lying
Managing to lift this curse
And not let it define you
Testifies that you’re alive
Extended lines then guide you


Read Blank Canvas

Truly, Really, Clearly, Sin-cerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

First Knight of TOK
#BrutalWordWrangler #CrimsonHoneyDripper #CruelWordSculptor #ThePiper

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With You

What an incredible feeling it is, to know that you mean so much to somebody….Indescribable ❤


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GenesisFollow You Follow Me


Believe in me, dream with me
Let your wildest thoughts guide you

Lay bare for me, share with me
Trust me inside you

Tour with me, endure for me
Feel each strike as it lands

Fall down with me, drown with me
Grasp both of my hands


Weep with me, leap with me
Feel the breeze in your hair

Don’t be fazed by me, praise with me
As I’ll always be there

Exist with me, persistently
See this through to the end

Lie with me, die with me
For we shall meet again


Read Flourish

Truly, Really, Clearly, Sin-cerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

First Knight of TOK
#BrutalWordWrangler #CrimsonHoneyDripper #CruelWordSculptor #ThePiper
Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2015




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