At My Mercy

Erotica with a twist, by Scarlet


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AirSexy Boy


It is time

You lay powerless before me

Fate in my hands

Gathering my supplies

You surrender to me

I place you on the rack


There is no escape

Wasting no time

I ram my fingers within you

My appendages firmly gripping your neck

Ignoring all protests

I dry out your ass


Disregard for your pleasure

I massage with ferocity as you clench

Resistance is futile

I discover its tightness

Lubrication necessitated

Fingering your bottom with slick oil

Ensuring no spot left untouched


I callously discard your insides

The agony unbearable

Laughing at your distress

I slather your skin with grease

I then focus my energy on your cavern

Lifting you in taut grasp

I drain you fully


Soon after, infusing your viscera

I gather some rope

Confine your limbs together

Securely, so tightly

This will leave marks

My luscious lips turn upwards as I recognize…

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Bones in a Tub

From Scarlet’s Sanctum on


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Samuel BarberAdagio for Strings

Table for One Jack Vettriano

I feel so peaceful at this exact moment in time. I’ve just devoured our favorite meal, London broil, marinated with a zesty peppercorn sauce and cooked to utter perfection.  Surrounded by a sense of fulfillment as I slowly become one with my recliner, I am briefly startled by the chime of the clock.  Lost for but for a solitary second, my grin widens with the realization that this juncture has come, yet again.  That magical hour which breaks up the monotony and allows my soul to simply, breathe.  We all have our own personal little escapes from life now and again, don’t we?

As I mentally run down my to-do list in preparation, I am meticulous in my planning.  Everything down to the most minute of details, must be absolutely perfect, so that I may receive maximum enjoyment.


I begin gathering…

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Night Cap

A Must Read by Keeper… Dark Fiction/Black Comedy

Night Cap


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Chet BakerMy Funny Valentine 


She’s looking over here. That’s the third time I’ve caught her glancing and, unless my radar is woefully off-kilter, I could swear that she just gave me a smile. A quick glance behind me confirms that I’m the only person left at the bar, no chance I’m imagining this. Ordinarily the concept of advancing would be one not worth entertaining as I’m painfully shy and hopeless at introductions. However, I don’t need a degree in rocket science to deduce that this girl is really into me, her body language states as much. I’m hardly The Gosling but admittedly I do scrub up rather well considering I’m now on the opposing side of forty. In addition, I am dressed to impress tonight, clean shaven and clad in my best attire for the occasion. The occasion in question is a three-hour long…

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The Happy Ending

Badass Dark Fiction from Keeper

The Happy Ending



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Gabriel Poulson was a real piece of shit. Entirely without merit, he had frittered away his existence through a string of less than honorable choices and making a living from other folk’s despair. He had made his first million by barely twenty one and the future had looked bright for him at that point. Through blind luck as opposed to hard work he was gifted an opportunity to build an empire and he did so with little thought for those around him. His annual salary was enough to run a small country by his mid-twenties and he never once wanted for anything. Maybe, therein lay the problem for Gabe, he never had to deal with hardship and, instead, his safety net was too vast to ever really feel like he was falling.

He had been coming to the same masseuse parlor for nigh on…

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Sex and Other Body Parts

Sex and Other Body Parts

amy_matthews_rivers_of_grue (9)


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LL Cool JGoing Back To Cali

amy_matthews_rivers_of_grue (12)

I just cannot keep my mind out the gutter for one second. In my infinite randy wisdom I have decided once again to dip beneath the sheets and report on one of my favorite topics…the naked human form. We all have bodies, some chiseled and toned to the nth degree and, others, a little more loose at the seams. One thing is constant and that is beauty, regardless of which camp you fall into. Beauty is only ever skin deep and in the eye of the beholder. What some may find physically repulsive others will lap up like philandering felines. I gage beauty somewhat differently from many and it is dictated by what lies beneath the pelt.

amy_matthews_rivers_of_grue (2)

It hasn’t always been that way, my first wife was the school prom queen and I placed her…

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Her: An Ode To Baby Sister

Lady Die

Her: An Ode To Baby Sister

baby_sister_bound_x_blood (1)

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 Stefan FraserAlone
baby_sister_bound_x_blood (2)


The windows to the soul they say
and Keeper must concur
The peepers offer sights unseen
When occupied by Her

I’ve looked within, drank in that sin
drawn darkness from her font
It’s everything you’ll ever need
and all you’ll ever want

If you flee then she’ll find you
Only one step now behind you
Become locked in her gaze
It will ensnare you and then guide you

baby_sister_bound_x_blood (1)

Remorse, you will not find here
Her soul is way too black
For cruelest blood resides here
There can be no turning back

It pumps through every ventricle
Intoxicates each vein
and will not cease its pumping
Until each last soul is slain

We’re watching as each seed unfurls
From this vicious killer bud
You’ll find no rhyme, no reasoning
It’s in the Miller blood


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My Ghoul

My Ghoul


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The TemptationsMy Girl (Instrumental)


I’ve only gone and bagged myself a zombie. It was only a matter of time when you think about it logically, with millions of these undead freaks roaming the Earth, there had to be one that endeared itself a little more and Bub, as I like to call him, is one such dead head. What a charming fellow he is, cut from a slightly different cloth than his brethren, he is far more genteel and adaptable to learning than so many of his flat-lining friends and actually makes a rather delightful pet. I found him wandering around an underground bunker and instantly took a shine to him. Ordinarily these reanimated corpses are a little dead behind the eyes but Bub just seemed a little less one-dimensional. From the very moment he gave me his salute from across the way, I…

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