The Happy Ending

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The Happy Ending



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Gabriel Poulson was a real piece of shit. Entirely without merit, he had frittered away his existence through a string of less than honorable choices and making a living from other folk’s despair. He had made his first million by barely twenty one and the future had looked bright for him at that point. Through blind luck as opposed to hard work he was gifted an opportunity to build an empire and he did so with little thought for those around him. His annual salary was enough to run a small country by his mid-twenties and he never once wanted for anything. Maybe, therein lay the problem for Gabe, he never had to deal with hardship and, instead, his safety net was too vast to ever really feel like he was falling.

He had been coming to the same masseuse parlor for nigh on…

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Fade and Repeat

Fade and Repeat


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 Shirley BasseyHistory Repeating


Have you ever suffered from déjà vu? That feeling where you could swear that you have been in the exact same situation before and are reliving a certain course of events. I am having it right now. Surrounded by the gutted cadavers of my dearest friends, I remember exactly how it plays out but have no idea how I got to be in this place again. They say that familiarity breeds contempt, well I feel pretty fucking pissed as I know full well what is in store. In just a couple more minutes a killer will emerge and my day will end on a distinct low. Being crudely carved from asshole to appetite is no joking matter, especially when you know that history is bound to repeat itself before too long. Where’s Ned Ryerson when you need him?


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 Creepy PastaOuija


“This is never going to work you know. It’s a crock of shit”. Manny was one of life’s realists and held out little hope of making contact with the dead. He had attempted the same thing a couple of years back and was just as skeptical then. Invariably it had all ended in disappointment, although he had been more interested in being the one to tell his friends “I told you so.” In his opinion this was just over-indulgent claptrap, an opinion not shared by his friends, particularly Elizabeth, who was fascinated with the occult and had first-hand experience that contact can be made if channeled in the appropriate manner. “Nobody wants you here anyway. Shit Manny, doesn’t it get tiresome being such a non-entity?” she barked. “Doesn’t it get tiresome licking clits?” was the only response he could muster and was typically…

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Demons! Demons! Demons!

Demons! Demons! Demons!


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Claudio SimonettiDemons Theme

demons_rivers_of_grue (2)

What an uncanny stroke of luck. I was traveling through the underground late at night, minding my own business and keeping my head down when a rather bizarre individual approached from the platform and thrust a flyer in my direction. He was clad in a hooded black shroud and wearing a metallic mask which concealed his features. Looking disconcertingly like Illuminati, this was not the guy you wish to approach you on a secluded railway platform at the dead of night. A real man of few words, he hardly uttered a single line and instead gestured for me to take the promotional leaflet he was carrying. Ordinarily I would be somewhat wary about such a transaction as you meet all manner of kooks on the subway after hours but, I have to admit, the event being advertised looked rather appealing…

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Don’t Exit The Vehicle

Don’t Exit The Vehicle


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Medwyn GoodallBehold the Darkness


“Piece of shit. Cock-sucking motherfucking trash can on wheels”. This was the third time in as many weeks that Cassandra’s ordinarily staunchly reliable automobile had given up the ghost The first was on her driveway so, apart from making her two hours late for work, it was little more than an inconvenience. The following occasion was amidst mid-afternoon freeway traffic and meant waiting around for what felt like an eternity until the roadside Cavalry showed. This time however she was up to her pretty little elbows in shit.

Taking a detour away from the path more traveled seemed like an ingenious plan at the time as she made her way home from a boozy office party but was now looking like a rather hefty bum steer as she spluttered to a halt in the middle of nowhere. As…

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TOK Murder Crew: Guerrilla Warfare

Badass #TOK2 Nobody paints a pic like Keeper!

TOK Murder Crew: Guerrilla Warfare


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Hirax Hellion Rising

Keeper has been to the depths of hell today; Marcus Miller’s own personal playground to be precise. Today heralded the commencement of shooting for the bloody sequel of Matt Farnsworth’s infamous slasher enigma The Orphan Killer and the sweat, the tears and cruel blood began flowing instantaneously. I grew up idolizing slasher; Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees formed the bread and butter of my affiliation and, for years, I have dreamed of somebody breathing new life into the tiring legs of these franchises. The time has come Grueheads to lay these two icons to rest as we herald a new age. The epoch I speak of belongs to Marcus Miller and he signaled his intent today in devastating fashion. Since The Orphan Killer first scrambled onto the scene in 2011 he has taken the free world by storm. Savage…

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Royals: A Kingdom Beckons

Now Filming \m/ #TOK2 #BoundxBlood
Keeper Showing Ya’ll How this Shit is Done! \m/

Royals: A Kingdom Beckons


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AmenCalifornia’s Bleeding

the_orphan_killer_bound_x_blood (7)

Roll up! Roll up! Welcome to the greatest show on Earth Grueheads. We join in communion on the eve of something truly astonishing. The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood is nearing, as y’all should be very much aware at this point, Matt Farnsworth’s mental cervix is almost fully dilated and will soon be ready to birth its monster. I can almost taste its alloy tang in my larynx and Keeper’s palms are clammier than Swamp Thing’s testes at the sheer notion of this beast with 1000 fingers tearing through our screens within the next few months.

Right now it’s the calm before the storm, time to get a little closer to our king and queen than we have gotten previously and plentiful chance to meet and greet some of the big dicks swinging with Marcus this time out. This is…

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