Bones in a Tub

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Samuel BarberAdagio for Strings

Table for One Jack Vettriano

I feel so peaceful at this exact moment in time. I’ve just devoured our favorite meal, London broil, marinated with a zesty peppercorn sauce and cooked to utter perfection.  Surrounded by a sense of fulfillment as I slowly become one with my recliner, I am briefly startled by the chime of the clock.  Lost for but for a solitary second, my grin widens with the realization that this juncture has come, yet again.  That magical hour which breaks up the monotony and allows my soul to simply, breathe.  We all have our own personal little escapes from life now and again, don’t we?

As I mentally run down my to-do list in preparation, I am meticulous in my planning.  Everything down to the most minute of details, must be absolutely perfect, so that I may receive maximum enjoyment.


I begin gathering…

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Nine Inch NailsMarch of The Pigs


“So this is it then?”

“I guess so”

“Seven years and you’re really going to throw away everything we have had together on account of me making one mistake?”

“One mistake? You really are deluded aren’t you?”

“Evidently so as I can’t see what I did to you that’s so Godawful”

“And that is why I want you out”

“Why? Because I was honest with you?”

“No Niall. Not because you had an epiphany and decided to come clean. It’s the fact that you saw fit to cheat on me in the first place that irks me most”

“It was a drunken kiss”

“And that makes it alright does it?”

“Of course not. You don’t think I feel like shit?”

“That’s my only consolation”

“I told you, it lasted all of five seconds and I stopped things before they went…

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Halloween: The Witching Hour

Like Tom Adkins? You’ll LOVE This! Keeper Kicks off the Halloween Season with, The Witching Hour. Incredible Dark Fiction, Satirical Black Comedy!

Halloween: The Witching Hour


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John Carpenter & Alan Howarth Halloween III Theme


Saturday, October 23 had started out like any other Saturday night at Haddonfield General. The usual eclectic mix of drunks, time-wasters and ominous domestic injuries. Last week a man was admitted with a loafer lodged in his rectum. Despite his insistence that it was just an innocent slip while lathering, we both knew the truth. Since when does that daily rubdown extend to giving your small intestine the old ‘wax on, wax off’? The obligatory x-ray was more akin to carving open Jaws to discern his daily intake. An old boot, rolled up copy of Mad Magazine and the obligatory license plate all shared residency with his internal organs and there was to be no digging himself out of that particular hole. I gave him some creme and sent him packing, then watched as he…

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Night Cap

A Must Read by Keeper… Dark Fiction/Black Comedy

Night Cap


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Chet BakerMy Funny Valentine 


She’s looking over here. That’s the third time I’ve caught her glancing and, unless my radar is woefully off-kilter, I could swear that she just gave me a smile. A quick glance behind me confirms that I’m the only person left at the bar, no chance I’m imagining this. Ordinarily the concept of advancing would be one not worth entertaining as I’m painfully shy and hopeless at introductions. However, I don’t need a degree in rocket science to deduce that this girl is really into me, her body language states as much. I’m hardly The Gosling but admittedly I do scrub up rather well considering I’m now on the opposing side of forty. In addition, I am dressed to impress tonight, clean shaven and clad in my best attire for the occasion. The occasion in question is a three-hour long…

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Frozen Scream

Welcome to your nightmare….Keeper Style

Frozen Scream


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Sleeping has always been something of a sore subject with me. As a child I was haunted by reoccurring night terrors and woke up at precisely the same time night after night like cruel clockwork. 2.47 precisely, regardless of what time I have bedded down, these phantasms have continued to plague me. It’s rather regrettable as I wake for shit every morning and would much prefer my alarm call at, say, 6am. Not the dead of night. As a child I would be terrified of slumber as I knew full well I would receive the same visitation night after night, always with the same outcome. Some folk are fortunate enough to awaken with little clue as to what has transpired but not me. My dreams are forever etched into my psyche and bucking the trend has always appeared an implausible notion.

My periodic persecutor is…

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Man or Bandicoot?

From Mr. Bandicoot Himself, aka Keeper

Man or Bandicoot?


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There comes a time in every man’s life when he must accept that he may not be the person he thought he was. On the outside everything my well appear fine and dandy, life could be treating you kindly with no cause for concern. Then, out of nowhere whatsoever, a nagging doubt can begin to sneak in and make us question everything we think we believe in. We’re convinced we have it all sewn up, after all, who else could possibly know us better than ourselves right? Then, one visit to the GP later, and your whole world can be thrown into total disarray. I woke up this morning in much the same manner as I have every morning for the past forty years; weary, aching and hungry. It wasn’t until my third spoonful of morning Cheerios that I suddenly couldn’t shake the feeling…

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Carrie and I

Beautiful Dark Fiction from Keeper based on Stephen King

Carrie and I


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 Pino DonaggioCarrie


There’s someone out there for everyone. Whether you’re a truculent beauty queen, plain Jane, or walking wildebeest, there will always be one person to which you appeal. Take Carrie White for example, known as Creepy Carrie by her classmates and shunned by the jocks and cheerleaders alike, you would be forgiven for thinking that she would never find Mr Right. Nevertheless, here I was, totally spellbound by her unspoken beauty and bashful demeanor. I transferred here two months ago and, in that time, I had been forced to endure some fairly harsh mockery from my peers. The writing was on the wall from the very first day, you see, I didn’t come from a monied family and couldn’t afford the newest pair of Nike or designer slacks. Like Carrie, I heralded from a one parent family that struggled to make ends…

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