Brotherhood of The Black Heart

One of the most unbelievable nights of my life…One I will always cherish.
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HiraxEl Diablo Negro


noun 1. the relationship between brothers
2. an association, society, or community of people linked by a common interest, religion, or trade

I never actually had a brother. Three older sisters fascinated by the concept of dressing me in their frocks as an infant and ensnaring my face in my grandmother’s stockings until I resembled a bank robber, only to drag my bony ass up her stairwell using the gusset for leverage…but no brothers. When my father passed I was left the sole man of the house and I could have done with a brother then let me tell you. Recently I acquired four in one fell swoop and in the unlikeliest of locales. A squalid little establishment in Camden Town, North London. It goes by the name of The Black Heart and, in truth, turned out to be bathed in glorious…

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The Night Keeper Came Home

The Night Keeper Came Home


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John Carpenter The Haunted House

Dr. Loomis…Silent Shadow
The Shape…Keeper of the Crimson Quill


It’s the homecoming. That’s right Grueheads, after seven weeks in a secure location, the boogeyman has made his way back to his hometown with only one thought in his mind. Murder? No actually, cheap industrial strength lager is the motivation and the plucky Silent Shadow has risked life and limb to bring us this exclusive transmission from the one place angels fear to tread…the garden shed. Cue a one-off interview with the bringer of nightmares as the pair of us settle back into our usual meaningless banter. For tonight is the night Keeper came home.


So what can be expected from this broadcast? Sense? Negative. There is no rationalizing what you are about to witness. Jetlag will put paid to this. Instead, forty minutes of utter irreverence is…

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TOK Murder Crew: Walk of Life

TOK Murder Crew: Walk of Life


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 John Farnham You’re The Voice


All good things invariably come to an end. It’s a sad and inescapable fact of life. Seven weeks back, a small group of individuals commenced on a journey unlike any other in Los Angeles as we began shooting the much-awaited sequel to The Orphan Killer, named Bound X Blood. This is the film that fans were crying out for, everyone’s hopes have been pinned on a continuation of the saga of Marcus Miller and his reluctant sibling Audrey and expectation has naturally been sky-high for the second chapter in what will soon become the most infamous franchise horror has known in thirty years.


Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster have become household names in the interim between first and second entries and a legion of faithful fans have taken them to their hearts. Their way of repaying…

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Matt Horwich: Multiverse Surfer

Matt Horwich: Multiverse Surfer


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 Iron MaidenBlood Brothers


Seven weeks ago I arrived in Los Angeles primed for an experience which I knew would change my life forever. Bound X Blood had passed the stage of its meticulous planning and the time was nigh to make a horror movie unlike any other in existence. I had siked myself up for the event in advance and was about to enter into the great unknown. When my plane touched down on LA soil My journey had begun in earnest. However, nothing could prepare me for what was about to transpire. I was to spend the duration sharing a hotel room with the infamous Marcus Miller and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to delve into the grey matter of this most notorious of killers. I had absolutely no idea whatsoever what was about to play out.

matt_horwich_multiverse_surfer (1)

The hulking juggernaut…

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Kaleb Tholen: Kindred

Kaleb Tholen: Kindred

kaleb_tholen_bound_x_blood (4)

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 College & Electric YouthA Real Hero


Over the course of the past two months I have shared an experience unlike any other I have had in my forty-odd years with a group of individuals who were hand selected by Matt Farnsworth to work together on this, the most intimate, of projects. We all come from different backgrounds, all bring something unique to the mix, but one thing can be said for every last one of us. Each has a unique set of skills at their disposal and all share the desire to make sure his vision is realized. In addition, all are prepared to go above and beyond in the pursuit of that dream.

I am the bumbling English gentleman, formidable with quill but far less majestic with the pair of lips which dangle underneath my nose. Granted, I am a people person…

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Simpat Beshirian: Severed

Simpat Beshirian: Severed

simpat_beshirian_severed_souls (7)

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 PanteraSuicide Note 1& 2


Having been a fan of splatter movies since before I could say my own name, I have always had an intense fascination with grue. From an early age I was somewhat spoiled by growing up at around the same epoch that a certain Tom Savini was making a name for himself. Films such as The Burning, Friday the 13th and Day of the Dead cemented my fascination and practical FX became something which I have had a vested interest in right through my filmic upbringing. I have bared witness to a thousand throats being slashed, numerous disembowelments and umpteen decapitations and every time my first response is “how the fuck did they achieve that effect?”


Then, several weeks back, I made a pilgrimage to Los Angeles to be part of production for Matt Farnsworth’s sequel to The Orphan Killer…

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When Hart Met Marcus

When Hart Met Marcus


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 DanzigDevil’s Plaything


Everybody loves a good deathmatch. It stretches right the way back to biblical times, when a scrawny young upstart named David pitted himself against the hulking Goliath and somehow upset the odds despite it looking like a done deal on paper. Folk love nothing more than to watch two gladiators knocking seven barrels of shit from each other whilst cheering on from the relative safety of the stands. Freddy Krueger talked a lot of shit and, as a result, Jason requested that he put his money where his flapping mouth was. More recently, Justin Bieber laid the gauntlet down to Anne Frank, presumably because she has been dead for decades and wouldn’t kick his puny little ass. Actually he just mentioned her name but that, in itself, was reason for her to reanimate and put him in his place…

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