Climbing the walls ’til my nailbeds bleed

Words on your tongue, only built to deceive.

No energy left to go blow for blow

Secrets exposed, with nowhere to go

No reason to fear, I won’t call your bluff

I truly do think that I’ve had enough

Sorrow coursing steadily through all of my veins

Refusing to let emotion take over the reins

Whatever the outcome I’ll shall rest assured

Being played by you has been fucking absurd

You wormed your way in with pizzaz and a smile

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, well disguised all the while

Always setting your mark and you making your moves

Not giving one fuck about who you lose

Gave you all that I had, but it wasn’t enough

What will you do now that I know all of your stuff

Lies upon lies, hurt swells, then subsides

Lips pursed tight, no one more the wise

Rest that worried mind, your secrets I will keep

Question is though, how did I get in so deep

Searing agony inside, but my feelings I stuff

Realizing that I will never be enough

I kept it so real through thick and through thin

Despite all my pain throbbing deep from within

I wish you no harm, want to see you succeed

I believe in your mission, your hopes and your dreams

No one with a conscience could do what you do

But remember in time, karma always comes due

Everything now, so thoroughly clear

Try all you want, but you can’t be sincere

A suffering soul, projecting self hate

Immeasurable pain, no one else can translate

Let business be business and peasure be pleasure

Giving you support through joint endeavors

No longer will I be your pawn

Should I or shouldn’t I make you gone


A short poem by me….Dedicated to our beloved #Grueheads and Keeper…to whom I owe my life ❤
We are…ALL….connected.


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The PoliceSynchronicity


It is the luminosity of the sun, alleviating

scintillating spark



It is the assuagement of weightless supports, infinite

floating particles



It is the sensation of identity, wrapped securely

  a circuitry intertwined



It is the taste of brine, caustic pungency

on lips rationing anguish



It is the incalculable sensation of ascension

wings assuring preservation



It is the fragments of resplendence

collectively assembled



It is the cohesive nexus

 tree of souls no longer misplaced



No longer inside,

Scarlet Genesis

#AngelofObsolescence #aicforever
Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2014


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Pom poms hurling toward the sky

Never let them see you cry

Pause so slightly, wonder why

All your dreams forsaken


 Sideline cheers, inducing fears

Eternal waits, a thousand years

Wheels in motion, grinding gears

All your love’s been taken

black_zodiac__the_bound_woman_by_astrozerk04-d318w9w Died this death a thousand times

Within the confines of the mind

Expectations no different this time

A soulless shell, forgotten

zombie_cheerleader_idea_by_steevinlove-d2ym0jc Numbing til the pain subsides

Smiles provide a place to hide

Easier to give up than try

 Silent, Screaming, Retreating

padded_cell_by_mr_book_faced-d5ffglq  Hope appears too distant

And all is far but well

Climb inside the shell to hide

 My very own private hell

At My Mercy

Erotica with a twist, by Scarlet


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AirSexy Boy


It is time

You lay powerless before me

Fate in my hands

Gathering my supplies

You surrender to me

I place you on the rack


There is no escape

Wasting no time

I ram my fingers within you

My appendages firmly gripping your neck

Ignoring all protests

I dry out your ass


Disregard for your pleasure

I massage with ferocity as you clench

Resistance is futile

I discover its tightness

Lubrication necessitated

Fingering your bottom with slick oil

Ensuring no spot left untouched


I callously discard your insides

The agony unbearable

Laughing at your distress

I slather your skin with grease

I then focus my energy on your cavern

Lifting you in taut grasp

I drain you fully


Soon after, infusing your viscera

I gather some rope

Confine your limbs together

Securely, so tightly

This will leave marks

My luscious lips turn upwards as I recognize…

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Am I Inside

Am I Inside


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Alice in Chains Am I Inside


Allow me to introduce myself. I stand before you as Scarlet Genesis. Throughout the last nearly 40 years of my life, I have divided my time amongst both building and maintaining my protective fortress and embarking upon a wild goose chase to identify my true inner self. It’s been one hell of a ride I can assure you. Ok, I suppose in actuality I’ve always known exactly who I was, I just chose to lock myself away as an attempt to survive as unscathed as possible along my journey, after escaping with numerous battle scars over the years. I live my life with zero regrets. Each experience I have faced has either afforded me the luxury of pure joy or provided me with and up close glance into my own personal hell. Either way, I embrace each as…

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Hands of Fate

birth of a new man salvadore dali 

The world was so blessed

on this most glorious of days

A gifted baby boy arrived

with so very much to say


Two hundred three days later

she made her way into this world

Thought to be a baby boy

out sprang a little girl


They spent most of their lives

blissfully unaware

of the parallel realities

of which they both had shared


Sprinting through the highest highs

Shuffling through the lowest lows

Life would have been more bearable

with each other’s love, softening the blows


For nearly four log decades

this pair lived analogous lives

Oblivious to the existence of one another

yet undeniably magnetized


Going through each motion

trials and tribulations of similar sorts

Deep within themselves they knew

what awaited was so much more


Eventually this vast universe

showed these weary souls some mercy

Unbeknownst to each involved

straight paths would soon turn curvy


One hundred and forty characters

amazingly was all it took

Since their future,  as two souls-merged

had been carved into fate’s book

Lean on Me

This duo, now unstoppable

dealt with all types of in-betweens

The two now had the strength of each other’s shoulders

on which to lean


They each made their pilgrimage

to a foreign land so far away

A place that was filled with hopes and dreams

a locale known as L.A.

vladmir kush1

They had pledged their undying love

vowed togetherness until the end

One night under white blossoms

these two beautiful souls would blend


Cemented together for all eternity

two souls merged into one

People stopped to smile at them

as they strode towards the setting sun

Sunset_for_Lovers_by_Kethaera  💜92174💜