When Love was the Loudest

As part of my newly formed “pandemic” writings page, I will be including random pieces that I find. Today’s was discovered on Facebook and is written by a local teacher in the next county over, Gabby Baker. This struck a particular chord within. Enjoy. Love one another (from a distance). Spread love to NY, we need all we can get.




Looking and listening to birds as we are alone with one another
Terrifying tabulations of what may be to come
Horrified to handshake or hug, “no touching!”
Fear and familiarity as we pass by each other
Ventilate, breathe.
Ventilators breathe maybe two at a time.
Walk alone. My sister and my brother walk along?
Careful don’t want to be a carrier: carrying each other into an unknown
Cancelled, closed, careful, call on people.
Share so more can be there.

Zooming in zooming out just to see faces and familiar places
Free free free but it comes with a fee
Gloved, loved and rise above
Masks masked
Where does this lead?
Is there an end?
Our kids become our students and our students our kids
Two week increments of school day by day
Governors, guidance, and churches closed
Who will remain?
Look for the love

Sewers and sewers with toilet paper commodities for the commode
Everything was, now everyone is essential
Social distance to go the distance
Hope abounds through it all, risking and rewarding with life most precious.

Masked major leaguers in medicine, maintenance, moving, markets and mental health.
Making me a priority
Grocery bills, grocery times, groceries galore
Kindness is more.


Curb yourself, Curb your Enthusiasm just for a laugh
Nighttime Netflix and no one knows where we are going.
We’re staying in, if there is an inn to stay.
Eldery and infirmed behind glass restricted but to revere, remember, regard, relish, respect.
Look but don’t touch.
Life is worth too much.

But here we are. Hope seeing us for who we can be, without all the hype, hysteria, makeup and masks.
Give gratitude for gifts we may have once taken for granted
Rise up singing like your Italian Grandpa or family of whom you are proudest
In years we can share our story of when love was the loudest.



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