I can’t even remember when our lives exactly changed but it sure feels as though it happened overnight. The last few weeks, nothing but a blurred speck in the depths of my memory…will forever live in infamy in the depths of my mind. Marks so indelible, they have scarred skin and tissue for life. I come to you live and raw, on March 28, 2020, from the US Epicenter, NY.

I am all over the map with my emotions lately but first and foremost I’d like to address the sheer exhaustion that I hear about a majority of people absolutely identifying with. Personally, as an individual who battlers anxiety and PTSD on a daily basis, I’m accustomed to living life 24/7, 365 in a flight or fight state of being

Therefore yes, while I am exhausted, I am well aware of why and I feel that I’m seeing a lot of people asking why they are so exhausted. Survival is exhausting peeps. It’s your body’s physiological response to a threat, rather rooted in reality or paranoia, it matters not. You, me, we all, were designed with staunch survival modes built in for lifelong survival optimization. It’s called “hypervigilence,” and I for one, can thank it for keeping me alive.

In times such as during this Corona pandemic, the innate will to survive and the mechanisms it employs can be endlessly tiring. My advice, don’t stress about stressing. What you are feeling, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, IS real and is warranted. Rather than wait and exacerbate it by hinting endlessly for it’s etiology, acknowledge it, accept it, and let…it go…. Know it is what is is, acknowledge it, accept it and set it free. Let your inner voice be your guide. Feeling tired? Take a nap, just go with the flow. It’s okay to feel afraid in these times of certain uncertainty. More to follow soon. Love yourselves and the people you’re quarantined with. You’re all you may have in the coming weeks.

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