The Minions (2014)

“The reason why Kipp’s name may not be on your lips at this time is that his trajectory is remarkably different from so many other adept film-makers trying to make their name in the industry right now. He is nothing short of prolific and his résumé reflects this as he has already directed 23 films in a career spanning fifteen years. However, despite being assistant director on a number of full-length features, he has carved his niche around small intimate projects which clearly have personal attachment to him. During this time, he has established himself as one of the most technically gifted professionals on the circuit and showcased his unique eye for the smallest detail, captured quite brilliantly by his inquisitive lens. His camera can supply significance to something which could otherwise be considered inconsequential and make it relevant. He’s an optical poet.”

Crimson Quill’s Appraisal #392

the-minions-jeremiah-kipp (3)

Number of Views: Two
Release Date: October 30, 2014 (USA)
Sub-Genre: Supernatural, Mystery
Country of Origin: United States
Budget: $7,000
Running Time: 11 minutes
Director: Jeremiah Kipp
Producers: Joseph Fiorillo, Jeremiah Kipp, Lauren Rayner
Screenplay: Joseph Fiorillo
Cinematography: Brian Dilg
Sound Design: Roman Chimienti
Editing: Ben Jurin
Studio: Lauren Rayner Productions
Stars: Lukas Hassel, Robin Rose Singer, Cristina Doikos, Lauren Fox

the-minions-jeremiah-kipp (4)

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I have always taken great comfort from strangers. When my father died, almost a decade ago now, I mourned in a completely different way from my three sisters. I disconnected; possibly because this stopped me hurting any more than was absolutely necessary. By that I mean that some of us aren’t necessarily equipped to take on the pain of those around us. Not because we are uncaring, on the contrary, we care a lot. It’s just that for us the…

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