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Nine Inch NailsMarch of The Pigs


“So this is it then?”

“I guess so”

“Seven years and you’re really going to throw away everything we have had together on account of me making one mistake?”

“One mistake? You really are deluded aren’t you?”

“Evidently so as I can’t see what I did to you that’s so Godawful”

“And that is why I want you out”

“Why? Because I was honest with you?”

“No Niall. Not because you had an epiphany and decided to come clean. It’s the fact that you saw fit to cheat on me in the first place that irks me most”

“It was a drunken kiss”

“And that makes it alright does it?”

“Of course not. You don’t think I feel like shit?”

“That’s my only consolation”

“I told you, it lasted all of five seconds and I stopped things before they went…

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