Night Cap

A Must Read by Keeper… Dark Fiction/Black Comedy

Night Cap


Suggested Audio Candies:

Chet BakerMy Funny Valentine 


She’s looking over here. That’s the third time I’ve caught her glancing and, unless my radar is woefully off-kilter, I could swear that she just gave me a smile. A quick glance behind me confirms that I’m the only person left at the bar, no chance I’m imagining this. Ordinarily the concept of advancing would be one not worth entertaining as I’m painfully shy and hopeless at introductions. However, I don’t need a degree in rocket science to deduce that this girl is really into me, her body language states as much. I’m hardly The Gosling but admittedly I do scrub up rather well considering I’m now on the opposing side of forty. In addition, I am dressed to impress tonight, clean shaven and clad in my best attire for the occasion. The occasion in question is a three-hour long…

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