Man or Bandicoot?

From Mr. Bandicoot Himself, aka Keeper

Man or Bandicoot?


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There comes a time in every man’s life when he must accept that he may not be the person he thought he was. On the outside everything my well appear fine and dandy, life could be treating you kindly with no cause for concern. Then, out of nowhere whatsoever, a nagging doubt can begin to sneak in and make us question everything we think we believe in. We’re convinced we have it all sewn up, after all, who else could possibly know us better than ourselves right? Then, one visit to the GP later, and your whole world can be thrown into total disarray. I woke up this morning in much the same manner as I have every morning for the past forty years; weary, aching and hungry. It wasn’t until my third spoonful of morning Cheerios that I suddenly couldn’t shake the feeling…

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