TOK Murder Crew: Walk of Life

TOK Murder Crew: Walk of Life


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 John Farnham You’re The Voice


All good things invariably come to an end. It’s a sad and inescapable fact of life. Seven weeks back, a small group of individuals commenced on a journey unlike any other in Los Angeles as we began shooting the much-awaited sequel to The Orphan Killer, named Bound X Blood. This is the film that fans were crying out for, everyone’s hopes have been pinned on a continuation of the saga of Marcus Miller and his reluctant sibling Audrey and expectation has naturally been sky-high for the second chapter in what will soon become the most infamous franchise horror has known in thirty years.


Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster have become household names in the interim between first and second entries and a legion of faithful fans have taken them to their hearts. Their way of repaying…

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