Be Kind Rewind

An EPIC time to grow up!

be_kind_rewind_crimson_quill (4)Suggested Audio Candy:

The Flowerpot MenBeat City

be_kind_rewind_crimson_quill (2)Is it just me or is time starting to go just a tad fast nowadays? It is no myth that our lives move at a vastly accelerated pace the older we get and the month of January barely even registered before February came along and pulled the rug from under its feet. It’s no real loss as January is a lousy-assed month at the best of times. We’ve ordinarily all gained a waist size after the festivities and our wallets are thinner than a Slim Jim with polio so, coupled with the Narnia-like conditions, it makes for a fairly depressing 30-odd days if you ask Keeper.

be_kind_rewind_crimson_quill (3)

It bothers me that Monday and Friday appear only a whisker away each week and, for all my best laid plans, I appear always to be behind with my own strict deadlines. I’m fairly convinced at…

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